Introducing the Valley of Life in Beylikdüzü

Valley of Life Project consists of 6 stages of implementation through Istanbul’s great district. It is a series of parks that are connected to each other in the Beylikdüzü area on the European side of Istanbul.

The green parkland range runs from E-5 North to the South Marmara Sea beach on an area of 1 million square meters.

The series of green parks range from E-5 road at north to the Marmara Sea coast at south of 1 million square meters. The first phase of the project was delivered, the second phase was started. 

The Valley of Life Park or the Green Valley will comprise over 1,200 trees, 40,000 trees, 400 species of vesticent plants, and 6,000 types of colorful flowers. It was designed to  feature large artificial lakes, an ice-skating area, water fountains, restaurants, cafes and various lounges.

The Valley of Life Park has a range of streams and waterways to give a beautiful landscape of the park, as well as a pool with water sports for entertaining. In addition to a 3.5 km of walking space in the garden, and 1.8 km of bicycle trail.

On top of that, Valley of Life features a traditional Japanese village, with beautiful huts where visitors take pictures as souvenirs. 

The beautiful times and joyful moments you’re going to share with your family while living in Beylikdüzü are endless.


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