Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

There are different types of apartments for sale in Istanbul vary  based on several criteria taken in the overall rating of these apartments. The main highlight of the apartment market in Turkey is the wide variety that meets the needs and desires of all tastes.

Standards affecting the prices of Istanbul apartments

  • Geographical Location

It’s one of the most important factors that affects the rise and fall of the prices of Istanbul apartments. Being near the city center or some of its vital and tourist facilities increases the prices of apartments from those far away.

Moreover, the apartments near public transport such as metrobus, tramvay or metro stations are more expensive than public transport. Some areas of Istanbul are classified as high-priced because of a combination of factors, such as Bakırköy, Kağıthane and Maslak.

  • View

The apartments at higher floors are priced more than the apartments on the lower floors, due to the view they offer. Istanbul offers so many charming views from sea views, garden views to landscapes.

  • The Construction Age

The construction age factor is affecting the rise and fall in the prices of the apartments in Istanbul. The relationship between the age of construction and the price of apartments is reversed i.e. the lower the age of construction, the higher the price of the apartments, and the higher the age of construction, the lower the price of the apartments in Istanbul. 

  • Welfare and Services

Apartments in private residential complexes are more expensive than those in residential complexes. The number of service facilities and standards of well-being in these complexes make a difference in the prices of apartments within the complexes. The more service facilities, the higher the quality of services the apartments within these complexes will be priced. 

  • Space and Number of Rooms

The space and number of rooms increase the price of apartments, as apartments with large spaces and more rooms are more expensive than apartments with space and fewer rooms.

Flexibility of Istanbul Apartment Market

Finding a suitable apartment that is right for you in Istanbul can be difficult, but not finding it is impossible. This is due to the expansion of the real estate market in Istanbul, its diversity, the large real estate projects and apartments, and the variety of prices and advantages.

Price Range for Istanbul Apartments Based on Regions

  • Bakırköy’s Coast 

High-priced apartments in Istanbul, starting at $250,000 for the apartment, a room and a lounge and above. 

  • City Center

High-priced apartments in Istanbul, based in areas such as Maslak, Taksim, Şişli, Levent and Kağıthane starting at $250,000 for the apartment room and lounge.

  • Beylikdüzü 

Medium-priced residential area, with a room and lounge starting at $100,000.

  • Esenyurt

Low-priced residential area of the apartment, where apartment prices start at $70.000 to $80.000.

This range does not accurately represent the prices of Istanbul apartments, where prices can be below what was previously mentioned. Creating real estate opportunities in a large and large market with a large number of real estate investment opportunities, and here comes the role of the distinguished real-estate brokerage companies that provide their customers with them.


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