Beylikdüzü: Istanbul's Luxurious Residential Area

A part of Istanbul grew rapidly, drawing attention to its modern projects that formed a masterpiece that decorated the city’s new area, promoted its infrastructure and made it an important investment destination.

Location and Direction

Beylikdüzü is located in the Southwestern part of Istanbul, on the European side of the city, overlooking a beautiful beach on the Marmara Sea and overlooking Lake Büyükçekmece. 

Beylikdüzü is one of the main districts and administrative areas in Istanbul. It used to be a remote countryside area located on the borders of the city, but it has recently seen a major construction development, a rise in housing and infrastructure projects.

The urban development of the region began during 2012 in a systematic and thoughtful manner, with careful design by Beylikdüzü in cooperation with the greater district of Istanbul, to create a systematic final design reflecting its cultural image.

Beylikdüzü is linked to other regions in Istanbul through the main E-5 road, which connects the area through the metrobus line and the highway to the Asian side of the city passing historic Istanbul through all its main areas.

Main distances from Beylikdüzü

36 km from Fatih area

40 km from city center

41 km from Şişli

54 km from Istanbul Airport

The Heart of Real Estate Projects with Sea View in Istanbul

Beylikdüzü has the largest residential and real estate projects on the seashore of Istanbul, ranging from hotels, villas and apartments. 

It has Deniz Istanbul project, which covers 1,500,000 square meters, is the largest seaside town on the Marmara Sea and houses Istanbul’s largest luxury yacht marina, with a capacity of 900 yachts.

Public transport in Beylikdüzü 

Beylikdüzü’s transport are based mainly on the area’s Metrobus line through five major terminals and also on the private ferry that connects Beylikdüzü to key areas of the city, such as  Eminönü. 

The area is based on Metro plans that connect it to the other metro lines in the city, as well as public bus stops throughout the area. 

Major Metrobus Line in Beylikdüzü 

  1. Beylikdüzü/ first stop from the east
  2. Beylikdüzü Belediyesi/ the second station from the west
  3. Cumhuriyet Mahellesi/ at the middle of Beylikdüzü
  4. Hadımköy/ after the third station from the west
  5. Beylikduzu Sondurak/ The last stop is in the far west of the region, the last in the metrobus line as well.

Districts of Beylikdüzü 

Beylikdüzü is divided into 10 main districts:

    1. Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi: Located in the western part of Beylikdüzü close to Büyükçekmece.
  • Büyük Şehir Mahallesi: the smallest district in the northern part of Beylikdüzü.
  • Sahil Mahallesi: Located in the center of the south of the area overlooking the Marmara Sea.
  • Kavaklı Mahallesi: located in the center of Beylikdüzü.
  • Marmara Mahallesi: Located in the south-east part of the area overlooking the sea
  • Yakuplu Mahallesi: Located in the eastern part of Beylikdüzü close to Avcilar area; it is the largest neighborhood.
  •  Gürpınar Mahallesi: Located in the southwest part of Beylikdüzü overlooking the Marmara Sea.
  • Cumhuriyet Mahallesi: Located in the north west and next to E-5
  • Dereağzı Mahallesi: In the southwestern part of Beylikdüzü overlooking the Marmara Sea.
  • Barış Mahallesi: Central and North of Beylikdüzü close to E-5 road.

Shopping Malls in Beylikdüzü

Beylikdüzü is thriving with shops, restaurants and cafes that are among the residential complexes that serve the region’s residents, as well as three important and popular Istanbul-wide business centers:

  • Marmara Park Mall is located on E-5, directly opposite the Metrobus Station.
  • Perlavista AVM is located in the west of Beylikdüzü in the center of Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi.
  • Migros Mall is located in the center of Beylikdüzü near the E-5 road.

Port of Ambarli the largest port in Turkey

The port is located in the southwest of Beylikdüzü, Turkey’s largest port and one of the world’s 48 largest container stations, with 2.7 million containers.

The port is divided into two main sections, one located west of the oil terminals and consists of publicly owned plants, while the other one comprising oil platforms, seapores and mooring vessels.

The port offers significant investment value to Beylikdüzü and strategic and economic importance to Istanbul and Turkey. This increases the interest of the Turkish government in the region, accelerates achievement and starts infrastructure work, especially transport networks, roads and metro lines, increasing future investment opportunities.

Tüyap: the largest exhibition house in Turkey

Tüyap is the largest domestic and international exhibition area in Turkey, located in Beylikdüzü that covers an area of 60,000 m². It is a high-value public facility with a future outlook for guaranteed real estate prices in the region.

Aren Property Opinion

Aren Property Experts advise who wants to invest in real estate in Turkey, or who wants to settle in Istanbul to invest in Beylikdüzü. Aren Property’s team is also making a number of investment opportunities and exclusive offers for the Beylikdüzü region, as well as a genuine partnership with its construction companies and government agencies.



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