Commercial Shops in Istanbul

The shops are the heart of Istanbul’s real estate investments, thanks to the characteristics that qualify it as a popular destination for those wishing to invest in the city’s commercial properties. 

Istanbul has a population of 15 million, and 15 million more tourists and visitors annually, reaching more than 30 million people. Moreover, Istanbul is the world’s seventh city in terms of population, a huge number of people and tourists a year, offering great investment opportunities in the city, especially in the shop sector, which caters to the needs of this large population.

Istanbul is linked to Turkey’s economic rise and is the country’s main economic pillar. Therefore, the commercial market is one of the most important areas of investment in the Istanbul real estate market. 


High rental returns

The shops have high rental rates, especially in a commercial economic city like Istanbul, where the revenues are more than those of apartments, homes and other properties, as well as a steady annual increase in the value of rent known to the Turkish market. 

Granting Turkish Nationality to Foreign Investors

The foreign investor will acquire Turkish citizenship if the shop or the total of the shops purchased worth US$250,000.

Ways to Invest in Shops in Istanbul

Create a Project Using the Shop After Owing It

A foreign investor in Turkey is treated in accordance with the country’s official laws under the same laws as a Turkish citizen, which governs the payment of taxes and other requirements for opening an investment project.

Many foreigners, especially Arab citizens, have many shops in Istanbul, and they open various projects such as restaurants, grocery stores, supplies, and others in Istanbul. 

Rent Shops in Istanbul

Many invest in shops by leasing them after ownership, bringing stable returns to the investor; shops in Istanbul have high incomes. The lease for the shops in Istanbul is often no less than a full year, where the lease is usually agreed for a full year, in which the owner is entitled to raise the lease at a fixed rate per year.

Purchase Shop in an area under construction

This is called buying and reselling, rapid investment in real estate in Turkey, especially in the shops. This comes through the investor’s purchase of shops in an area or project under construction, and after the project is completed, the sale is made at a high price in which the investor achieves a profit on the price he bought.


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