Enjoy the Best Shopping Experience in Beylikdüzü

Your lifestyle in Beylikdüzü is a vibrant family lifestyle, packed with high-end service details and the requirements of a well-being. Therefore, shopping malls serving the area are of high quality, offering a delightful shopping and buying experience.

Marmara Park AVM

It’s one of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul; located on the E-5, directly opposite the Metrobus station, Istanbul’s fastest public transport that works 24/7.


The mall has over 250 international brands, and has many recreational venues such as an ice skating hall, a leisure center, a cinema, and many restaurants and cafes. In addition, it has a huge market including two important brands, Carrefour and Migros. 

Perlavista AVM

The mall is located near HADIMKÖY station on the metrobus line in Adnan Kahveci district, one of the central districts of Beylikdüzü. It is an important business center in the region offering many local and international brands, and it has 125 shops.

It also has a range of entertaining areas such as cinemas, bowling alleys and a children’s and family center. 

Beylikdüzü also has popular bazaars, which are held on a specific day of the week in designated areas designated by the district. The area is also full of shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as various branches of Turkey’s famous brands such as Bim, A101 and Şok.


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