From Istanbul’s Main Airport to one of the Biggest Public Parks

Since the opening of Istanbul’s new airport, a question has arisen; what would happen to Ataturk airport? Well, here we’ll give you the answer in detail. 

The “Ataturk People’s Park” project covers 5.2 million square meters cut from Ataturk Airport where the greenery and recreational areas stretch out to complement Bakirkoy Coast; the most luxurious and elegant. 

A museum, a youth center, a social center and an exhibition city will also be set up on the project area. 25,000 trees will be planted in the project, as well as adding running tracks, sports centers and adventure venues. 

The People’s Park will include many industrial lakes, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues such as cinema and public halls, as well as a public reading library. Moreover, the ski slopes will give an adventure of up to 650 meters in length. 

The People Park is a huge bonus added to Bakirkoy luxurious coast to make living more fun and entertaining. 


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