Times Square Vs. Basin Express

الباسن اكسبريس

The large projects in Istanbul are growing at a rapid pace, not only economically but at all levels in different fields. Starting with Istanbul’s subway network that will be the world’s second-largest subway network after New York. The same case goes on at the famous Times Square, which is as important as Istanbul’s Basin Express.

Times Square is New York’s business center and tourist destination on the other hand, Basin Express is Istanbul’s business center. Global brands and offices are an important part of Times Square, Basin Express is also thriving with international and local brands.

The main headquarter of the famous New York Times newspaper is located in Times Square, while a TV; the biggest TV set in Turkey is located on the Basin Express road. 

The giant construction character, high towers, huge glass windows and attractive building designs are the common features between Manhattan and the Basin Express. As well as the international high-class hotels and different shopping malls.

In this sense, we can call the Basin Express road as Istanbul’s Times Square.


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