Villas in Istanbul

Istanbul has a special identity in the construction of villas that perfectly appear in villas for sale in Istanbul. Thanks to the city’s wide geographic diversity, resulting in the diversity of the design and style of villas in Istanbul. 

The typical image of villas in Istanbul clearly reflects the palaces and villas featured in the Turkish drama with real-life photography suggesting that Istanbul and the Turkish construction pattern have a special character in the construction of luxurious villas. Istanbul is striving with villas and palaces that combine many qualities in a city of splendor and beauty.

Villa Types in Istanbul


  • Historic Villas in Istanbul


In Istanbul, you will find historic villas and palaces that are an extension of Ottoman sultans’ palaces and senior officials of the Ottoman state or even Byzantine emperors’ palaces, such as the CER Istanbul project, which consists of historic villas and palaces with modernized construction patterns.

Istanbul has many of the historic villas for sale that form a good market for those who want to own in those historic villas or palaces.


  • Seaside Villas in Istanbul


Istanbul is thriving with seaside villas through large projects and residential complexes, often located on the Marmara Sea beach in Istanbul, in the areas of Beylikdüzü and Büyükçekmece.


  • Villas in Istanbul with Bosphorus View


The beautiful view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul has gained the attention of many rich people and sultans to its charming view, and you find many palaces and villas, directly and indirectly, overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul.


  • Villas with Natural Views of Istanbul


Villas that are located in the natural areas away from the hustle and bustle of urban life in the center of Istanbul, forming individual villas or villa-style residential complexes, surrounded by greenery on every side.

These villas are largely concentrated in Beylikdüzü and Büyükçekmece and some areas near the Black Sea in the northern part of Istanbul.


  • City Villas in Istanbul


These are the villas in the city, with no special views, but full independence, and are mostly residential complexes, with the rare presence of this type in Istanbul individually within the city. These villas are largely concentrated in Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece.

Villas Prices in Istanbul

The villas prices in Istanbul vary due to several factors; the villa’s geographic location is one of the most important factors influencing its price. The prices of villas in Istanbul can be arranged in ascending order as follows: 


  • Villas in Büyükçekmece 


Istanbul’s lowest-priced villas, as the area is far from the city center, Büyükçekmece is a quiet area on the edge of Istanbul. With beautiful green views and stunning sea views, the villas are individually located or in residential complexes. 

The prices of villas in Büyükçekmece start at $500.000.


  • Villas in Beylikdüzü 


Medium-priced villas in Istanbul, mostly residential complexes with sea views, the surrounding area is a lively area full of resorts and recreational facilities. Beylikdüzü includes the Deniz Istanbul project; the largest coastal city with the largest villa complex on the Marmara Sea beach in Istanbul. 

The prices of villas in Beylikdüzü start at $1 million.


  • Villas in Bakırköy 


High-priced villas, in this region, are the world’s famous, princelings, politicians, and business leaders. Most of these villas have direct sea views, starting at $7 million.



  • Historic Palaces and Villas


The highest price, those rare villas or palaces are sold for famous and rich people around the world. 

The prices of villas in Istanbul are not limited to the prices we’ve mentioned earlier as Istanbul is a thriving place with golden opportunities for real estate. Coming from the distinctive real estate brokerage companies that offer those rare and exclusive opportunities to their customers.


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