Frequently asked questions

We receive countless repetitive questions from interested customers on the daily in regards to real estate.
Therefore, we have made a collection of some frequently asked questions with their respective answers.
 If your question isn’t on the list, or if you find the answer unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialists to receive free consultation.

Yes, foreigners have the right to purchase and own property in Turkey as of a governmental decree issued in 2012 that offers foreigners the right to purchase real estate.

There is no set limit to the number of property an individual can own in Turkey. Whereas the process of buying property in Turkey lasts for more than 3 days.

It is not possible to determine the average cost of real estate in Turkey as the prices vary with the type of property, size and area, location, available services and facilities in the vicinity. For instance, the presence of highways, transportation amenities and other elements of comfort.

However, you can take a fragment paradigm with the following: the average cost of real estate in Istanbul for a (1 + 2) of an area of 100-130 meters squared could be approximately around 130K – 200K Dollars.

No. Both foreigner buyers and citizen buyers alike go through the same procedures, pay the same amount of taxes, and view the same price list for property on sale.

You have the option of paying in cash with the choice of paying in installments.

All the property options we offer to you are guaranteed to provide you with profit return rates. However, the percentage of profits varies from one property to another and is susceptible to location and other factors. Return values can fluctuate between 4-5% in certain cities; whereas in other cities it can be around 8-7%. While sometimes it can be 100% of guaranteed profits in special cases.

Yes, and we can gladly assist you in completing the procedures of opening a bank account in Turkey. After obtaining a tax number for you, we will begin collecting other documents to complete the processes necessary for your bank account. You will need a valid passport, proof of address, a document that certifies your presence in Turkey.

Put simply, a tax number is a document that carries a series of numbers unique for you to facilitate your procedures in Turkey in legal and official manner.

The visa procedures to enter Turkey are simple without any complications and reside for a period of 3 months. Of course, procedures vary on the nationality. Where the citizens of particular countries may not require any applications, others may need elaborate procedures.

Please refer to the Turkish embassy in your home country for particulars on your residence and entering of Turkish soul.

A real estate residence permit refers to the right for individual to remain on Turkish lands after purchasing property. The application processes for real estate residence permits are simple and straightforward.

Yes there are several procedures and requirements that precede your right to earning the Turkish citizenship. One such condition is purchasing property or several properties for the sum value of 250k Dollars.

Typically, citizenship processing times in Turkey after purchasing property would be around 45 days.

Yes, you can assign a real estate agent to manage property in Turkey and it occurs in a legal and official manner.

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