What do you know about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul?

What do you know about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul?

In the following article, we will learn about everything related to Bahçeşehir Istanbul, from the beauty and importance of its location, its geographical nature, its health and educational services, transportation and entertainment venues, the real estate sector and its residential projects, and the possibility of real estate investment in it.


Information about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul

Bahçeşehir region (Turkish: Bahçeşehir) means (in Arabic: the city of gardens), also known as the amazing city. There are many small plateaus, hills and valleys in the Bahçeşehir region. It is located at a strategic point northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake, in addition to shopping centers. Luxury that includes the most luxurious international and local brands, popular markets, as well as cafes and restaurants.


The importance of Bahcesehir district

A modern district, established in 2008, is considered the Qibla of conservative Arabs in Istanbul. It is located northwest of Istanbul, and it is the closest district in Istanbul to the new third airport.
It contains the new Basaksehir Hospital, which is considered one of the largest hospitals in Turkey and Europe.
It contains the famous Solar Valley Botanical Park, the extensive People's Botanical Garden, and the People's Library, which contains thousands of books and manuscripts.
It is a conservative Islamic area par excellence, so it is frequented by Turkish and foreign conservatives, especially the rich Arabs.
The new Basaksehir Square, a square twice the size of Taksim Square, it is planned to transfer government institutions and banking centers to it.
The Mall of Istanbul, the most famous mall in Istanbul, which won the award for the best mall in Europe, belongs to the area.
It has a working metro line serving the area, and several other metro lines under construction.


Transportation in the Bahcesehir district of Istanbul

The Bahcesehir district is one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, as it is located south of the Bahcesehir district, the TEM highway, which is one of the most important rapid transport lines in Istanbul.

Public bus stations:
Buses are considered one of the most famous and best modes of transportation in the region, as there are many bus stations scattered throughout the region.
Metro use:
The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has approved the construction of a new metro line, which will be ready at the end of 2019, to connect Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir and Ispartaküle to Mahmutbey and Mecidiyeköy. It connects Mahmoud Bey, Bahcesehir, Ispartakule and Esenyurt within this line, approximately 16.4 km, extending over 9 stations, thus reducing the travel time between Bahçeşehir and Mahmud Bey areas to 18 minutes. This line will also be linked to the Marmaray Line project, which connects the two sides of European Istanbul And the Asian through a tunnel that passes under the sea.
Taxi use:
There are several applications for requesting a taxi, the most important of which are BiTaksi and iTaksi, and there are taxi offices throughout the region that you can call wherever you are.


Public services in the district of Bahcesehir, Istanbul

The region has a large presence of important educational facilities from Arab, international and local schools, as well as Bahçeşehir University, which is one of the most important Turkish universities, and the health sector and its services, including a local hospital and another German specialist. Its mosques are also characterized by a beautiful and modern architectural style.



Akbati Center

The most famous shopping center in Bahcesehir includes many Turkish and international shops in addition to a wide variety of cafes and restaurants from several kitchens around the world and also includes in addition to the shopping center a complex qualified for both residence and work.




Bahcesehir Bazaar

The bazaar in Turkey is an old tradition that depends on the gathering of a group of vendors in a specific place on a specific day of the week and people come specifically to the bazaar place to buy their needs from it. The bazaar includes fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to many types of foods, clothes and various needs for the home, but Bahcesehir Bazaar is open for 5 days In the week.




Bahcesehir Garden (Gulet)

This modern is characterized by a wonderful beauty, due to the design of distinctive waterways and lakes, for lanes dedicated to sports, places for children's games and sports equipment, and many newly married couples come to it, for the purpose of taking beautiful souvenir photos, and located near it, many important commercial centers, cafes and restaurants, and is famous Some of its restaurants have breakfast in the morning, and (Gourmet) restaurant is especially recommended.





Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi University was established in 1998 in Istanbul, and it is a huge institution with a reputation in the field of education at the global and local levels.


Features of Bahcesehir district in Istanbul

It is considered a suitable area for family life as more than 64% of its residents are married.
It is considered one of the closest areas to Istanbul's third airport, which was officially opened.
Another advantage of it is its proximity to the Basin Express Road, the most lively road in Istanbul.
Bahcesehir is one of the most urbanized areas in the European section of Istanbul.
It has all the social facilities that the family needs (hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, etc.).
It has many health clubs and one of them is a municipality-owned club that offers subscriptions at discounted prices to residents of the area.
The return on investment in the Bahcesehir district of Istanbul is rising year after year.
A group of important projects that are being held in Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Canal, the third airport and the exhibition grounds.
It also has a metro line that connects the area with the city center.
The new metro line will provide comfort to the residents of the area in their movement to all areas of Istanbul.
The Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul has many mosques, which were built in a beautiful architectural style.
Bahçeşehir district is a modern construction and design, and all projects


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