Where is Sisli located?

Where is Sisli located?

Where is Sisli located in Istanbul?

Sisli is one of the wonderful historical areas in Istanbul, located on the European side.

Sisli is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul and one of the most famous, where thousands of tourists come to visit its attractions such as the famous Sisli Mosque or take fun shopping tours in its major commercial centers such as Cevahir Mall Istanbul.

It is one of the 39 municipalities of the metropolitan Istanbul; It is bordered by Besiktas municipality on the east, Sarıyer district on the north, Eyup and Kagıkhane districts on the west, and Beyoğlu districts on the south.

They are shared by several ancient neighborhoods in Sisli, such as: Şeviyeh Neighborhood, Nisantasi Neighborhood, Mecidiyeköy, Ok Meydani, and the population density: 9100 people/km2.

Nisantasi Street is the most famous tourist street among all of Istanbul's streets. It is the first destination for any tourist heading to Sisli, as it includes many gardens and parks, including Macka Park, which includes a cable car that can be enjoyed riding and exploring the area's landmarks.

To access the geographical location on google maps of Sisli region click here

How far is Sisli from Taksim

The distance between Sisli and Taksim, specifically Nisantasi Tourist Street, which is the most important destination for tourists in Sisli, is about 2.1 km on the shortest path connecting them, according to Google Maps.

How far is Sisli from Sultanahmet

The distance between Nisantasi Street in Sisli and Sultanahmet is about 6.4 km on the shortest road connecting between them, which can be traveled in 20 minutes by car or by bus in 34 minutes.

Sisli is rich in a huge number of tourist attractions, catering to all tastes and social and tourist needs, for visitors and residents alike, including:

Museums and historical places in Sisli

  1. Istanbul Military Museum.
  2. Ataturk Museum.
  3. Freedom Monument.

Sports venues in Sisli


المباني الفنية في شيشلي

  1. صالة للحفلات الموسيقية Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall
  2. مسرح الهواء الطلق Cemil Topuzlu Open-Air Theatre

المباني الدينية في شيشلي

  1. جامع شيشلي.
  2. جامع تشويقية.
  3. كاتدرائية الروح القدس.

المولات ومراكز التسوق في شيشلي

  1. جواهر مول.
  2. مركز كانيون للتسوق.
  3. مركز تسوق مترو سيتي.
  4. مركز بروفيلو للتسوق.

المباني الشاهقة وناطحات السحاب في شيشلي

  1. دايموند اوف اسطنبول Diamond of Istanbul
  2. إسطنبول زفير Istanbul Sapphire
  3. صبنجي سنتر Sabancı Center
  4. شيشلي بلازا Şişli Plaza


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